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GOT 4.02: Part III "The Purple Wedding (The Lion and The Rose)"

Let's keep going, and have one last look at King Sociopath:

Part III
Let me preface this by saying that this scene of the entertainment, and subsequent humiliation of Tyrion, was greeted with laughter in the books. I really enjoyed the fact that there was mild laughter, but disgust and some angry reactions from our characters. The silence in the room when you only heard King Sociopath laughing during the "War of the Five Kings" farce, was well done, as he as completely oblivious to what was going on around him. That uncomfortable silence during the entertainment, and then the humiliation of Tyrion, reminded me of how Jaime said that when Ned's father was screaming, 500 people were silent, as the Mad King was laughing. This is not even close to the insanity and horror of that day, but I felt that there was that discomfort of knowing that the Mad King II, could be sitting at the dais.

King Sociopath decides to have a traveling troupe of little people, act out the War of the Five Kings,  which also included himself as the King. He clearly meant this to humiliate Tyrion, further torture Sansa, and indirectly Loras, because well, he is always calling Renly a degenerate. I think the whole thing was disgusting, and well King Tywin, did not look happy. We know he is all about the honor of the house now, and future generations.

I am going to find a way to kill that kid.
When the entertainment began, and all of the disgusting insulting things that happened on the floor, you could hear King Sociopath laughing hysterically.

Queen Margaery both disgusted, angry 
and embarrassed at King Sociopath's laughter
There were many looks and moments during this show, one was Loras leaving, and Sansa. I have never been a Sansa fan, but during this entire reception she sat there like a statue, she never moved an inch.  She only smiled when the Queen of Thorns came to speak with her. But, when that disgusting portrayal of Robb and the taking of the direwolf's head, and the dwarf gyrating his head in her direction took place, Sophie Turner truly shined. The music, and Sansa sitting there with this blank, dead look in her eyes, but you could see her pain as well. It made me well up big time, because it was just so, so wrong, and it is part of the look by Queen Margaery in the photo above.

Sansa's look of grief and horror
Then the beginning of the humiliation of Tyrion, and visible disgust of Margaery, and King Tywin.
Joffrey decides that his Uncle, who is already drunk, should be his cup bearer. Tyrion tries to beg away, but saying what an honor it is, and that his wife is tired. But King Sociopath is having none of it, walks over, and pours the wine on Tyrion's head.

"Give me my wine, now!"
As we know, from this point forward, King Sociopath drops the cup on the ground, and Sansa picks it up. As things begin to escalate to the point of, in true King Sociopath style, torture, cruelty and humiliation. It was also turning into an embarrassment for the family. Queen Margaery, who is excellent at damage control,  gives us a small reprieve by saying "The pigeon pie, it's here!", which is apparently akin to a wedding cake. King Sociopath makes an ass of himself by cutting open the pie with his sword, killing some pigeons, and nearly losing his balance because it's too heavy.

It was here that I thought (I knew that he was going to die) was where the poison was going to be, as Sansa was not wearing a hair net, and I was not sure about the necklace. Queen Margaery was smiling and feeding it to him, and it was all so romantic, and she looks oh so happy. Why? Because she is THE QUEEN.

So, as he's eating the delicious pie, and demands that "Uncle! bring me my wine, now! My throat is dry from this fabulous pie, where the foreshadowing dead pigeons are lying inside!".

And then Tyrion rounds around the table, King Sociopath drops the cup onto the floor. Queen Margaery yells:
"The King is choking!"
He starts staggering towards the floor, falls face down. Cersei runs over, and pushes Jaime away.
King Tywin has also strolled over to survey the damage:

Great, now our House looks weak.
Wait! I can get rid of Tyrion. He's a Kingslayer and a Kinslayer; perfect.

Don't forget! Sansa is taken away by Ser Dantos to parts unknown. "Come with me, if you want to live", that line will never die.

Okay, so everybody knows by now, Jaime arrived in Kings Landing after King Sociopath was poisoned. He thinks about how Cersei, and the day that King Sociopath was born. Cersei pushed him away from the baby, and said they had to be very careful; you know because they actually have three children.  I thought that this moment, was bringing that thought into play, as it is essentially the same idea.

Cersei is crying and screaming as the little monster dies, and as he dies, he lifts his hand and points at Tyrion.  It was so Cersei, that after clawing his throat out with his black face, to make it seem like  King Sociopath had the state of mind to point at his Uncle.

If you recall, that I really loved how the camera panned around King Sociopath at the start of the wedding. They bookend the wedding by using slow motion to pan up towards Tyrion, who unwittingly picks up the cup like "what? was there poison in the cup? was it for me?". Cersei screams for him to be taken away.

HBO Cersei, briefly acts like Book Cersei, and we close on poor, dead, King Sociopath.

Next up! 4.3 "Breaker of Chains"

*All images are owned by HBO, "Game of Thrones"4.2
* All quotes from Season 4.2, "The Lion and The Rose"

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